About one third of Irish children under five years of age have decay in their baby teeth which can be difficult to manage. The school dental service does not offer an examination until 8 years of age which is far too late for most children.

A simple visit to the dentist early will help assess your child’s risk of future dental decay at a stage when it can be managed easily or prevented.

Do not be embarrassed about your child not behaving . It is normal for a child this age to cry with any given new experience and the right dentist will be able to perform a simple examination in your lap without cause for upset or concern. Lots of good information and help is available from the dentist to start off on the right foot.

Protect your child’s teeth with fluoride
Research has consistently shown that teeth exposed to low doses of fluoride have less likelihood of forming cavities. Most towns and cities have fluoridated water but if you if you have your own water supply or use bottled water, this effectively has no fluoride content. Your dentist will advise you specifically about whether fluoridated toothpaste is needed before two years of age.

A fissure sealant is a great preventative treatment that involves the application of a plastic type coating over the grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces of the molar teeth. These so-called fissures are difficult to clean and are therefore one of the most common places that tooth decay forms. The sealant acts as a barrier and can be applied easily to your child’s molars. Having a sealant placed is less than the cost of having a cavity filled.